Turn Key Monster Truck Show Packages

- Packages start at $16,900 -

Turn Key Monster Truck Show Information

As a Promoter that has operated Race Tracks, and has Produced Shows in Secondary Markets, We realize that some events are way to expensive to Produce with a limited Budget. We have Packaged a Turn Key "Monster Truck" Show, at a Cost that a Mom & Pop Race Track & Fairgrounds can afford.

Our Show is a Turn key 2 Hour Show that features Big Blown Bad Boy Monster Trucks, just like you see on TV, doing wild Power Wheelies, and thrilling all in attendance. This is a great fun family Event, and a break from the every week Stock Car Shows and excitement for your fair.

Monster Truck Night of Fire and Thrills Spectacular Show includes the following:

4 Bad Boy Monster Trucks (1 Being a Truck that gives rides)

Thrill Act or Jet Melt-Down Show

3 Million Insurance

Monster Trucks available for Display Promotions (You keep the income)

Staff to help run Event

Radio or TV Spots

Consultant in Promotion (if Needed)

Free Toy Truck Promotion (1st 500 kids get a free toy monster truck)

 You keep any Advertising Income Generated for Sponsors

The Cost of this Package starts at $16,900 and of course we can structure it larger with additional Trucks (Superstar Trucks like "Big Foot") at additional cost.

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